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RAP to local DHCP and remote DHCP

Alright, here is our setup:


We have 2 controllers in our corporate network 10.72.36/37.x


They are set in redundancy Master/slave.


Then, we have 6 remote locations with individual RAP AND local DHCP

(in the 10.72.40/41/42/43/44/45.x range).


The controller has 4 VLANS plugged in which are pushed correctly to the RAPs in the remote locations.


1 of the VLAN is in the 10.72.36/37.x range.


What I want is the RAPS to give out addresses local to DHCP via SSID instead of coming all the way back here and getting a 10.72.36/37.x address.


Also, is it possible for the RAPs to keep the SSID credentials on it or it always has to come all the way here to verify the credentials? We go through a satelite link and sometimes, there are huge latencies (> 600 ms) and when we get these, clients cannot even connect to the SSIDs and therefore dont have access to anything.


Thank you!

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Re: RAP to local DHCP and remote DHCP

The RAPs would need to have a bridged SSID to put users on the local network.  Latencies of over 100ms create problems for the wireless supplicants on clients, which in many instances will discard anything that takes longer than that to complete.  You should use WPA2-PSK for those clients, perhaps...

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