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I want to configure VBN with RAP 5wn. 

Remote site user should be able to access datacenter resources as well as remote site local resources ( shared drives, printers) and traffic to internet will not be tunneled to controller.

and  when link between controller and RAP goes down, remote site users should be able to access their printers and shared drives.

Both wired ports and wireless access is required


Can we use RAP dhcp server to provide IP addresses in both split tunnel and bridge modes. so that IP addresses of clients will remain same even the link goes down.




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This is an old topic, but I thought I'd respond in case someone stumbles across this question.


In split-tunnel mode, the client will receive an IP address from the corporate VLAN.  Split-tunnel mode is only compatible with the Standard RAP operating mode, which means that if the controller is unreachable, the SSID goes down.  In which case, you'd have to connect to a backup SSID on the RAP, and the client's IP would change.  If you wanted a persistent or always on SSID, then you would use bridge mode.  For either of these operating modes, the SSID would stay up and clients would maintain their IP.  However, in bridge mode the client is isolated from the corporate network and the datacenter would not be accessible.


I would think in most cases, split-tunnel fowarding mode and the standard RAP operating mode would work just fine for both corporate and local access.  If the local resources are bridged their IPs stay the same regardless of controller reachability.  So if the client connects to a backup bridged SSID, it'd still have access to the local resources, albeit with a different source IP.  Not knowing your requirements though, it's hard to say if this works for you.


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