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RAP2WG using eth1 for PC connection


We need to deploy a RAP2WG to an office, on site, to provide a local WiFi presence. There is a single LAN port so need to pass both the WiFi traffic back but also want to allow a local PC to connect via eth1 onto the network. We are running in tunnel mode so expect the traffic from the PC to enter the network via the NICs at the controller as would the WiFi traffic.

We've configured an AP policy that has the VLAN that the PC should connect to assigned as an access VLAN to eth1 and can see the RAP and provision the WiFi side of things but can't get a DHCP lease for the PC when connected to eth1 - the RAP is getting its lease fine. We've put in the helper address to the IP settings on the controller that hosts the RAP.


Any ideas on what else to check and any good documentation on doing this as the Aruba OS Guide doesn't seem to have anything much on this?





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Re: RAP2WG using eth1 for PC connection

Hi Martyn,


If you have a look at the AAA profile you have assigned to the E1 port that the RAP is using.  Now look at the policys that are assigned to the AAA Profile.  make sure you have alowed DHCP requests through.


If you have blocked the DHCP port then the request for DHCP will be dropped.


Let me know how you get on.



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