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RAP3 Guest WLAN on Ethernet Port

Hi Airheads Community,

I got a question about how to configure my RAP3 AP correctly.
The AP provide a "guest WLAN" SSID but I like to get access to this network via a ethernet port.
Is it possible to configure one ethernet port to provide access to the "guest WLAN" network?

Thanks for your Support

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Re: RAP3 Guest WLAN on Ethernet Port

Yes, this is possible.

You have to configure the Wired AP profile for the ethernet port you want to use.

Here you can configure the ethernet port to give access to the vlan you specify. Use the ethernet port's AAA profile to specify role and such :)

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Re: RAP3 Guest WLAN on Ethernet Port

Yes, if you want to get the CP page through E1 port, it is just simple as that to make the port untrusted and set the aaa profile  specfying the role say "logon" to force the wired clients to get the captive portal page automatically.


Find below for screen shot. We need to make sure initial role contains the CP policy and CP profile tied to it.







Thank you.


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Re: RAP3 Guest WLAN on Ethernet Port

Thank you for your quick response.

I will give it a try.

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