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RAP5 + ZTE MF668a

I've been struggling with this for a while and wanted to share my success with RAP-5 and ZTE MF668a 3G:


1. Removed PIN lock


2. Disabled USB storage by sending AT+ZCDRUN=8 trough putty to device ZTE NMEA Device 


3. Re-Proviosined AP from CLI with following USB parameters:


(A650) (config) #provision-ap usb-dev 0x19d22000
(A650) (config) #provision-ap usb-dial ATD*99#
(A650) (config) #provision-ap usb-type option
(A650) (config) #provision-ap usb-tty ttyUSB2

 Rest of the provision commands I just copied from web interfaces view commands list. 


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