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I'm currently trying to get my RAP5WN work with an Huawei E170 3G from 3 (Austria) stick.

I tried with these settings but the RAP won't connect to the controller over the cellular link:

USB-Dev: 0x12d11003

Init: AT+CGDCONT=1,'IP','drei.at'

User: drei.at

PW: drei.at

Number: ATDT*99#


Has anyone experience with this setting?


Kind regards

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Hi Ropo, If you can't connect modem to RAP devices, try disable the CD-Mode on the modem first.



Try to connect to modem using Hyper Terminal on serial port number where is connect the Huawei modem .
If you don't receive Ok after you send the AT command restart the computer (unplug the modem ) .
If you can't type the commands in the Hyper Terminal window copy command and paste to host .
Send the AT commands to modem even if you don't receive OK response .
This commands works but not in the same way for all types of Huawei modems .

AT^U2DIAG=0 --> is to disable CD
AT^U2DIAG=1 --> is to enable CD



Usually I only input these details on the RAP :

Device : any

Dial Str : ATDT*99#

Initial Str : AT+CGDCONT=1,'IP','APN-NAME'

PPP Username : *****

PPP Password : *****


Its the alternative ways when you can't find your device on the recommended modem list.



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