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RAP5WN deployment Issues

Hi, we have been breaking our heads for the last few weeks here in san diego. We recently configured a 3400 controller with code to support our RAP5WN's. However, we are seeing some weird issues. Being the main one that I can provision a RAP from my house ( I have TimeWarner road runner internet) and It works fine. But anywhere else, different ISP's basically, and the RAP's will not be able to reach the master...
I downgraded to code and I will do more testing tomorrow.

Any feedback on this?

Which version should we run on the MC that will provide the best results?


Thank you all! 

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Re: RAP5WN deployment Issues

If you are planning to use the 5.x code base then the best code is the latest 5.x code available in the support site.The ISP provider doesn't have anything to do with whether a RAP connects to the master or not but there are a few things you can check.


  • One of the reasons you might be able to connect from the home and not other places is becasue the upstream router at these sites might be blocking UDP port 4500 which is used by part to establish a connection to the master. ensure that this port is unblocked at sites where your RAP has connectivity issues.
  • The LMS ip in the AP system profile should be a public IP. Since you are able to connect from your home, you have done this right.
  • On the RAP console, if you entering a FQDN for the controller, then ensure that this DNS name is resolvable from the sites which casue issues with RAP connectivity.
  • you can also upgrade to 6.1.3. However, when upgrading to 6.1.x code first connect the all RAPs to a 5.x controller and upgrade the backup partition on the RAPs before upgrading to 6.1.x code. If you don't do this the RAPs running the RN code 3 .x won't be able to connect to the 6.1.x controller.  Use this commad that is available only on 5.x controllers to upgrade the backup partition on the RAPs ---->        apflash ap-name <AP-NAME> backup-partition



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