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RAP5wn cant connect to controller are reboot



I have a RAP-5WN (SW v5.0.3.3 Build # 28008) from my company and it

had been working flawlessly for weeks. The AP sits behind my home

dsl-switch/router and connects to the controller at my company.


All of a sudden it stopped working. My company says nothing has changed,

and nothing has changed in my home-lan either. Of course my provider is now

help and refuses to acknowledge that anything has changed on their side.


I have tried to re-provision the device (hold reset for 20 sec during power up) and

enter the IP address of our controller while connected to port 1. The WebUI on the

AP successfully connects to the controller and my colleague can see the initial connection.


But after the AP reboots, it cannot connect to the controller.


I dont get a client IP on port 1 because it's in tunnel mode and the tunnel isnt setup.

On ports 2,3,4 (which are in bridge mode) I can access the WebUI.


The Connectvity tab shows "Disconnected from Controller" and shows that it's in

a loop trying to connect. e.g.:

  Master Connectivity... Trying (18 / 361) IP <xx.xx.xx.xx> using ether Ethernet RC_ERROR_IKEP2_PKT1


What else can I do to figure out?


From the sapd_debug output from the Diagnostic tab I can see this loop of messages

where xx.xx.xx.xx is te external IP of the controller.


[623]1999-12-31 16:01:18 redun_retry_tunnel: setting up tunnel to 0, retry=2
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:18 redun_retry_tunnel: ETHERNET Link state is 1
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:18 redun_retry_tunnel: Using uplink ETHERNET
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:18 Setting up IP over ethernet
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 IP over ethernet Successful
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 Got IP over ethernet:
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 redun_configure_fw: offline.native_vlan=0 vlan=1
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 redun_configure_fw:1494 gw= ifname=br0 
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 setup_ipsec: sapd_num_lms=1 sapd_cur_lms=0 ip=xx.xx.xx.xx, client=0
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 setup_ipsec: Call stop_child() clients[0]
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 stop_child: child->pid=0 is reset now
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 setup_ipsec: sapd_local_ip netmask 
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 setup_ipsec: adding route ip xx.xx.xx.xx mask gw interface br0
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 Starting rapper with lifetime p1 = 28000 p2 = 7200
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 Starting RAP rapper 0 to xx.xx.xx.xx:8423 attmpt 3
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 start_rapper:1088 rapper_pid is 887
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 start_rapper:1115 Rapper is running over ethernet interface
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 Populate the PID 887 in file /tmp/rapper_pid_1
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 write_rapper_pid_to_file:315 I am sitting here to say I've been called
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 write_rapper_pid_to_file:324 wrote rapper pid 887 to file /tmp/rapper_pid_1
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:19 start_tunnel_up_timer: sapd_cur_lms=0
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:40 Error: Received RC_OPCODE_ERROR lms xx.xx.xx.xx tunnel RC_ERROR_IKEP2_PKT1 debug-error:-8949
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:40 redun_tunnel_down: Call stop_child() for clients[0]
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:40 stop_child: Kill child->pid=887.
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:40 stop_child:Waiting until the child 887 is killed 
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:40 stop_child:result of wait4 887 for pid (child->pid) 887
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:40 stop_child: child->pid=887 is reset now
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:40 redun_tunnel_down: killed the child
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:40 Tunnel 0 down. data(0|Port)=8423
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:40 stop_child: child->pid=0 is reset now
[623]1999-12-31 16:01:40 redun_retry_tunnel: setting up tunnel to 0, retry=3




Alan Miller


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Re: RAP5wn cant connect to controller are reboot

Check to make sure you did not delete the VPN pool on the controller.


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Re: RAP5wn cant connect to controller are reboot

Thanks, I'll ask my colleague about that (vpn pool).


I also forgot to mention that my colleague also took my AP home and

performed the same re-provisionioning procedure via his (different)

provider and everything works as expected.


That's what leads me to believe that my provider is where the problem lies.

But I cant seem to get any detailed support from them. Argggg!!!



Aruba Employee

Re: RAP5wn cant connect to controller are reboot

Mostly VPN pool is the problem. Most probably pool got exhausted.


Can you paste "show log errorlog 100" output, when your RAP is not able to terminate?


And output of "show vpdn l2tp local pool" ?



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