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RAPNG - did I miss something

Hi guys. Still working in my labs. Been through the IAP-VPN section of the guide .... but after setting up i see that the RAP takes one IP from local pool, disconnects - reconnects with a new IP - disconnects... etc. 


Mar 5 20:51:34 fpapps[5184]: <399838> <5189> <WARN> |fpapps| Received TUN_DOWN from IKE for
Mar 5 20:51:34 fpapps[5184]: <399838> <5189> <WARN> |fpapps| Received TUN_UP from IKE for mapid 0, vlanid 0, flags = 0x0 uplink_priority 0
Mar 5 20:51:34 fpapps[5184]: <399841> <5189> <ERRS> |fpapps| |configuration| Configuration error: Unable to find the ipsec map for tunnel down event. ip in procIkeIpsecMsg, arubaIpsecRouteUtils.c:421.

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Re: RAPNG - did I miss something

Hi Jakob,


Is there a firewall in between IAP/Controller which could be blocking IPSEC traffic?


Is the IAP already whitelisted/ part of trusted branch-db on Controller?

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Re: RAPNG - did I miss something


thanks for getting back to me.

The firewall is opened for UDP4500 and port forwarded to internal IP for controller, and IAP is behind a any-any firewall.

Should probably mention: 

- Controller is VMC standalone 8.0.1

- IAP is - and controlled by Central.


I find very little configuration possibilities in regards to VPN on Central; no NAT Traversal. 


also - the guide mentions nothing in regards to routing for VPN traffic - but that should be handled by OSPF setup? 

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