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RAPs Not Staying on New Controller



I have 2 controllers, one and a 8.3.


I am trying to move all of the RAPs from the to the 8.3, however when I do the move the AP joins the 8.3 controller, upgrades, reboots and joins the old controller. 


I have updated the devices in Activate (although it seems to not matter unless I do a factory reset). I have the 8.3 IP in the LMS for the AP System Profile. 


The behavior is consistant in that the AP will go back and forth unless I change the AP Profile back to the old one that has the LMS in the AP System Profile. 

Nothing in the 8.3 configuration references the LMS IP.


What is causing this to occur? 


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Re: RAPs Not Staying on New Controller

How are you "moving" the APS?

You also should not be using clustering on the ArubaOS 8.3 network, because Remote APs and clustering is only supported in ArubaOS 8.4 onwards.

There should also be no lms-ip in the AP system profile of the ap-group on the ArubaOS 8.3 system.

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Re: RAPs Not Staying on New Controller

Clustering is not enabled. I do have an LMS IP in the ap-group. I'm curious why that should not be? How would the RAP know where to connect without it? 


TheR AP that I have done a factory default and a new AP 203R do not have this issue. 

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Re: RAPs Not Staying on New Controller

I made a call to TAC and with their help we tried to do a software reset with no success. However, a factory-reset by holding the button resolved the issue and the RAPs joined properly after going back to Activate.



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