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RF Event Treshold Profile

I have configured the RF Event Thresholds like this


rf event-thresholds-profile "RFEvtProf"
   bwr-high-wm 85
   bwr-low-wm 70
   fer-high-wm 16
   fer-low-wm 8
   ffr-high-wm 16
   ffr-low-wm 8
   flsr-high-wm 16
   flsr-low-wm 8
   fnur-high-wm 3
   fnur-low-wm 2
   frer-high-wm 16
   frer-low-wm 8
   frr-high-wm 16
   frr-low-wm 8

ap-group "XXXX-drift"
  event-thresholds-profile "RFEvtProf"

How should I configure logging to view the events generated? 


Thanks in advance!

Mikael, Denmark


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Re: RF Event Treshold Profile

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Re: RF Event Treshold Profile

As far as I can tell, the only point of this profile is to enable extra logging/alerting?  Is that correct?  The threshold only triggers a logged event?  I'm curious about enabling it, and interested to know why the feature is off by default if it's only for alerting.

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