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RF Protect / Hybrid Spectrum monitor mode

Hi all, 


Just wondering if anybody can confirm if you install the RF protect licence onto a controller, does it require a reboot to enable? 


Also if i want to change the configuration of an AP Group to hybrid spectrum monitoring does this require the AP's to be rebooted?



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Re: RF Protect / Hybrid Spectrum monitor mode



Controller reboot is not required when we add RFProtect license and also when we change something(SM mode) in the AP-Group will not reboot the AP.


Please feel free for any further query on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: RF Protect / Hybrid Spectrum monitor mode

never experienced this exact situation. but from documentation and courses i have always been told that adding functionality to a controller, i.e. add PEF of RFProtect licenses when no exist (so not adding extra) does require a reboot.

Re: RF Protect / Hybrid Spectrum monitor mode

adding a brand new license requires a reboot. also modifying the ap to become a hybrid spectrum may reset the radio but you should double check the release notes to make sure
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