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RF design for a battleship?

Recently was approached about doing a rf design and build for a  decommissioned

battleship. Anyone doing wireless on a steel ship. 


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Re: RF design for a battleship?


How r'u?:smileyhappy:


I did similar  designs on other metal armed vehicles... Just be aware - none of the Aruba Ap's has been cert to work on a moving part or a moving vehicle. Also be aware to AC changes on ship + bad weather environment (that i think more then IP67 needed).

That's it.


BTW: in the past i deployed other vendor equiptment on a cruise ship .. Everything works fine (except the WAN bandwidth :) based sat)


that's it :smileywink:



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Re: RF design for a battleship?

Major considerations are bulkhead RF attenuation, where they are wanting RF, protection from environmenta; conditions, etc. It can be done, but is very specialized and requires active surveying. We've done active surveys in multiple ship-type locations and some deployments. You best bet to get more details is to work through your area Account Manager and Systems Engineer.

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