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RF planner

Anybody else having uploading autocad 2013 files? Is there a RF planner update to support the 2013 autocads?



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Re: RF planner

Can any one please send me a link to download the RF Planner .


khurrammalikx@hotmail.com .



Re: RF planner




You will have to log into the support site with partner credentials and you can download the VisualRF Plan tool. I believe that is the direct link, but if that doesn't work you can follow the previous instructions.



Michael Haring
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Re: RF planner

I've down loaded the RF Planner 7.7 Build 432, and I'm still getting an error when loading a ".dwg" CAD file into RF Planner.


The error I'm getting is:

There are irregularites with this CAD document:

Object of class OdGiRasterImage can't be cast to OdRasterConvertPE.

Perhaps this CAD file does not support Active Layout?

Please refer to the 'Error' listings in the CAD Info panel for further information.


I tried tweaking some of the "CAD Layers" in the panel to the left, however this didn't really seem to give me a clear picture, I'm able to get some information to come through, but the text is very distorted and when you zoom in, it becomes really pixelated.  The facility shows as width 375.61(ft), height 557.77(ft), you don't think this would be a file size issue, would it?


The CAD Layers I have are:







New Walls





CAD Info

FUW Version - 3.05

File Type - DWG

Version - 2007

Layout - Model

Units - Inches

Measure - English

Width - 4507.35

Height - 6693.22

Error - Object of Class


I've attached a copy of the error.

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Re: RF planner



Did you ever find a solution?  I'm having the same problem and also getting the DWGconvert.exe has stopped working error. It's getting frustrating..

Re: RF planner

As a temporary work around you could take a screen shot of the floor plan and scale it using the VisualRF tool.

As far as the CAD files error, I'm not sure why your receiving an error. I do believe that dimensions in CAD need to be 100% accurate, that may be the cause. I'm not completely sure though.

Michael Haring
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Re: RF planner

I've just have been uploading .PDF files instead..

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Re: RF planner

I have not found a solution in the RF Planner Tool, but the work around I did as others mentioned was using a PDF file instead.  Then I  used the DWG TrueViewer (Free) program to pull dimensions off the .dwg file itself.

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Re: RF planner

I have had the same problem importing AutoCad DWG files for sometime now. The workaround I found is to save the drawing as an older version of CAD. I have been saving files as 2004/LT2004 under files of type.

I believe there is something to turn on or off in the 2013 version. I just haven't had the time to figure it out yet.




Re: RF planner

If you're having issues with importing floor plans, please open a support case and have support file a defect (including a sample floor plan file that failed to import).  We've got a few conversion defects that are being worked on, but having actual floor plans will help ensure that it works against floor plans that originate in the field.

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