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Radio A is off/dsiabled

Hi All,


         In our sertup we have more than 2000 Aruba 325 APs scattered all over campus. some of these APs are connected to POE and not POE+. we upgraded our controller to code.

        We have an SSID per radio( ex. guest-5.0 and guest-2.4) so when a 5 GHz client comes in he will connect to (guest-5) and when a client that supports 2.4 GHz only connect to guest-2.4). The problem we are having is when a 5 Ghz client comes , he cant connect to A radio and complains about it. when we debug the AP and get the driver logs we see that:


Driver Log
Current Log Level 3 Log Counter 18 Timestamp 5624453.786320
1 19.756233
Limiting the Tx power of radio 0 to 16 due to insufficient POE voltage
2 19.756326 Radio0: EIRP (Config: 0.0dBm, Set: 0.0dBm, AP Max: 0.0dBm, Reg Max: 0dBm, Override AP Max: 16.0dBm), Conducted Power Set: 0.0dBm, Gain: 0.0dBm - occured 1 times
3 30.641581
Shutting down 3 TX/RX chains of radio 1 and limiting the Tx power to 18 due to insufficient POE voltage
4 95.036426 wifi0: Effective External Antenna Gain set to 3.5 (connector loss 0.0)
5 95.037114 wifi1: Effective External Antenna Gain set to 3.5 (connector loss 0.0)
6 128.274696 wifi0: Effective External Antenna Gain set to 5.0 (connector loss 0.0)
7 0.000000.


My question here is , is there a cli command that shows all the APs at once that have their radio A off/disabled for any reason, instead of waiting till someone complains?


Note: changing the switch to POE+ is not feasable


Thank Alot.

F. Allan


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Re: Radio A is off/dsiabled

#show ap active 

Check the "11a Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP" field. 



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Re: Radio A is off/dsiabled

Thanks for you quick input, but what im looking for is if there is anything wrong with A radio, sh ap active shows if there are clients on 11A, if not , that doesnot mean there is an issue with A radio.


I am looking for a CLI command to show all APs with a problem with A radio.



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Re: Radio A is off/dsiabled

There is no command that shows an AP in a lower power mode.  You would have to run that driver log command on all APs to determine that.


Quite frankly, the only thing that affects the 5ghz radio is that it is limited to an 18dbm transmit power, so your 802.11a clients should not have a problem connecting.  You could have a separate issue:

Screenshot 2017-10-01 at 03.57.19.png


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Re: Radio A is off/dsiabled

Thanks and appreciate the explaination.

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