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Radius Network Policy for VIA authentication

Hello i was wondering what is the correct way to do this


For now i got it working at least so  i get prompted to download the via client.



I had to do unencrypted authentication PAP and worked....


But i was wondering what is the recommended network policy configuration...

I was checking my book of ACMP course and it doesnt say anything abou that part.... as it just give you an example but with the internal datbase which i dont want...

I would like to maybe use radius server and use derived role depending on which user is connecting if its possible... I didnt see anything of NPS part configuration on the VRD either... neither in the user manual....


I have not yet complete as i got an error while installing the VIA client which is 32 bits and my computer is 64bits and its windows 8.... i dont know if its because its 32 bits or its not yet supported for  windows 8 and well not windows 7 right now with me.


But anywyas for now i would like to ask that part

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Re: Radius Network Policy for VIA authentication

PAP is the way, yes.  You can also enable MSChapV2 on the controller by going to Configuration> Advanced Services> VPN Services> l2tp> Enable MSChapV2.


Which Version of ArubaOS are you running?  There are two parts to this:


1.  You need to download the VIA .arb file for your Operating System from the Aruba Support Site and Upload it to Configuration>Advanced Services > VPN Services > VIA> Upload new VIA Installers

2.  Go to Configuration>Advanced Services > VPN Services > VIA> and under Customize Welcome HTML click on VIEW to see if the operating system on your local machine is detected properly.  If it is not being detected properly consider uploading the attached via.html file to Configuration>Advanced Services > VPN Services > VIA> Customize Welcome HTML and then click in view to see if your Operating System is detected properly.







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