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Random AP bootstrapping

Hi Guys,


Not sure if anyone else is noticed this, but just want to put it out there to see if anyone else has had similar experiences.


Since upgrading from 6.1 > 6.3 > 6.4 we have noticed AP's randomly bootstrapping. This affects all AP types. The majority is seen with AP-105 as that is the main deployed AP. This started when we upgraded to 6.3 and has remained on 6.4.


This issue is very intermitten, some AP's tend to boot strap more than others. This is still random though as it happens for alot of AP's.


Debugging and setting up syslog does not reveal anything. Nothing has changed in the network infrastructure since the upgrades.


When we look directly on the controller logs it just says it has lost contact with the switch.


As we believe the network is not the issue, but still investigating it. Does anyone know if anything has changed in the code that would cause this?


We are currently running version



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Re: Random AP bootstrapping



Most of the times the rebootstraps with reason "unable to contact switch" ended up to be a network issue. The upgrade may or may not be the problem. 


Do you see any other rebootstrap reasons in the output of,  

#show ap debug system-status ap-name <AP-NAME> 

#show log all 100 | include boot 


Does the AP rebootstrap if you connect the AP directly to the controller? This would help isolate if the issue is on the network. 


Rajaguru Vincent
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