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Rap doesn´t broadcast Wlans

We have a MM (version that our 7005 controller (Rap-controller) is connected to and the Raps connect to it.
All traffic is tunneled to the corp network.
I have connected a Aruba 2530-8 switch on eth1 on the rap and use it as a tunnel for the corp network
All the vlans are presented to the controller.

We also got a cluster of 3 7220 with about 870 ap´s that works great.
Our 7005 controller shows the same Wlans as the cluster have but when i add the wlan to a ap-group with the rap it doesn´t broadcast it.
The RAP´s leds for 2,4 and 5 GHz is amber.
I have also tied to create a wlan just on the controller but even that will not be braodcasted.
What have i missed??

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Re: Rap doesn´t broadcast Wlans

Are these RAPs sitting accross a NAT boundary? Do you see any entries in the logs? Do you have any errors in your configuration (#show profile-errors)?

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Rap doesn´t broadcast Wlans

The Rap is in a "homenetwork" och we have a static NAT to the controller. The communication to the RAP works. We can connect to the switch behind the RAP and the client gets adress in corp network.

Yes i have an error, but that wlan has been deleted

(ESK-RAP-CTRL-01) #show profile-errors

Invalid Profiles
Profile                      Error
-------                      -----
wlan virtual-ap "Guest-RAP"  VLAN 999 does not exist

I have attached how our "tree" looks like.
Just so i understand it correct. The Wlans that our Cluster got (created at Eslov-Controllers) they "fall down" in the tree, right?

I might have found the problem In the Group "Rap-Controller) ->Wlans _> General->"The Wlan", it was set to forwarding mode "Bridge".
I changed it to Tunnel and then i can see "somthing" is transmitting.
In the Overview the wlan is "aruba-ap", thats not right? Where did that come from? It shold say Guest in my case.
By the way it´s a RAP-109 im doing this on. Have a 303H that i´m going to setup later.

Thanks for the help.

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