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Rap on tunnel mode SSID issue

Hello i have been testing the RAP for varius scenarios... and i notice something weird.


If i download a file from a internal FTP server i get the speed i expect i should get

If i donwload any file for example i copy and paste from  a server to my machine  i get the speed i expect


now if idownload a file from the internet  connected through a SSL(not aruba branded) which  is going also in tunnel mode and it get out of the internet throuhgh the office i get the speed i expect...


If i do the same with the rap JUST for the part of downloading from the internet... is really slow... i expect 1mb of speed of download in my case... sometimes i get 512k and most of the times i get 256k....  i dont understand why its soo slow....

Why it works with a normal SSL but ti doesnt work correctly or i dont get the speed i expect from the RAP if i donwload from the internet?

Im testing downloading the same file with the vpn ssl client which i get the speed i expect and the same file with the rap2 which i get like half or less of the speed... i tried different sites and the results were the same....

It works great for all the internal access i get the speed i expect...

Of course if i put it in split tunneling it works great... i get the speed of my internet of my home, but thats not the idea.


But ill get clients that do not want to split tunnel as they wont want the user browsing and downloading whatever on the mobile office....  and they want to apply webfilter.... but if they need to download something from the intenet they will get super slow speed...

It will be okay if its just browsing  but just saying...




The code im using is


Anyone had this issue?



Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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