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Re-entering License Key Problem

Well, I did a "write erase all" and the license got wiped.


I am now re-entering the license but I am getting:


"License key for feature Policy Enforcement Firewall Module is not supported for ArubaOS"


I searched and there seem to be no problem with solution like this. What seem to be the problem?


I attached screenshots. Thank you.


Re: Re-entering License Key Problem

What version of ArubaOS is the controller on right now?     It looks like that might be for an old PEF license, not a PEF-NG (post 5.x).   If you log into the licensing portal; http://licensing.arubanetworks.com you should see a pre 5.x and post 5.x license for PEF/PEF-NG.



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Re: Re-entering License Key Problem

I think it is ver 6.1.x.x


Please see attached screenshot.


Does that mean I need to get a new post 5.x lic?


Thank you.





I login here  http://licensing.arubanetworks.com and got the post 5.0 license key.

Thank you.

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