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Reboot an AP from AOS8 GUI

Hello all, 

i know in AOS6.5 there is a way to reboot an AP if needed through the maintenance- Reboot AP - and select the AP. however, i cannot seem to find this in AOS8. I can reboot through the cli with apboot. we use the GUI feature for helpdesk since we limit CLI connectivity. 


thank you 


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Re: Reboot an AP from AOS8 GUI

You are right that it does not exist. I would say that there are few operational reasons to reboot an ap outside of changing the group or AP name. A workaround would be to pretend to change the AP name in the provisioning screen.

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Re: Reboot an AP from AOS8 GUI

Unless it was added after 8.3 I don't know of a way.  As well as changing the name you could also change the group.  Pretty much any difference in the provisioning will reboot the ap.



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