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Rebooting AP275 and Uplink VLAN?

I opened a TAC case for a constantly rebooting AP275. It cycles every 11 or 12 minutes - show an ID flag then appears to reboot. Lather, rinse, repeat.


TAC wants me to attach a console cable. Which is a pain, because this is up a pole in a public area.


While I am waiting for an opportunity to grab it, I did the "what's different about this one?" game. I have 80 275's operating well.


So it turns out, it seems, that Uplink VLAN may be the culprit. I have all of my WiFi gear communicating with the controller across VLAN114. The controller hands out DHCP for this VLAN, and the misbehaving one has been getting a proper assignment. But (perhaps in an effort to fix a problem, I forget) this AP is set to Uplink VLAN 114. My other AP's are set to Uplink = 0.


I went into the switch port for this AP and untagged it to VLAN 1, and it has been up and not rebooting for a few hours. If has an IP address off of my default VLAN, so it's not a permanent fix.


So my question is, what should Uplink VLAN be set to, when the switch you are connecting to has the port untagged for VLAN 114?

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Re: Rebooting AP275 and Uplink VLAN?

Do not set it.

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Re: Rebooting AP275 and Uplink VLAN?

OK, so I learned that the hard way.


An Uplink VLAN does indeed cause the rebooting behviour I was experiencing. Weird but true,

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