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Recommendation on new Master <> Local setup



We're going to be upgrading from our current 3200 masters and m3 locals to the 72xx boxes.


Currently we have 2x 3200 masters redundant.  We have 2x m3's in one campus and 4x m3's in another campus L2 redundant with lms and blms.  


We're looking to replace the 4x m3's in one campus with 2x 7240's - should suffice on capacity and they'll be redundant.  Looking to replace the 2x m3's in the other campus with 2x 7220's redundant as that'll be good and scale for some time.  


I'm confused on what to do with the master controllers to keep costs low?  Would simply adding a 7200 pair to become masters be fine?  I might consider doing just one master as currently our backupmaster has not done anything for quite some time and we can lose the master for some time and not worry much.  I read the VRD on controllers - the 7200 would be fine for the amount of devices in RF it needs to store to do ARM/ Rogue detection etc.... but is that the approach most folks take?


Thanks a bunch for any advice!


Re: Recommendation on new Master <> Local setup

As long as no traffic is terminating on the masters, you could keep your M3's as masters and still be able to use the new 6.4/7200 functionality like AppRF 2.0 (deep packet inspection).

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