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Recommended Profile/Provisioning settings for AP-315's

We are trying out the AP-315's and looking to get the best performance out of these units. We tend to use the same profile when provisioning our AP's, some profiles dating back to the 105's. Are their recommended settings we should be following? On a side note, we are using these in an indoor lab environment with 50 or more devices connected at a time. Controller is a 7210 on Aruba OS

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Re: Recommended Profile/Provisioning settings for AP-315's

One thing that does not change is that you will be dividing the bandwidth by 50 or however number of devices you decide to put on that access point.  If you want better performance, the best thing you can do out the box is to reduce the number of users on that access point, really.

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Re: Recommended Profile/Provisioning settings for AP-315's

It'd probably make most sense to configure them as they are likely to be deployed so you're getting a realsitic performance. 


Consider channel widths for example - you could deploy 80 MHz channels to maximise throughput, but this may not be what you're going to deploy. 


You will probably want to kill off low data rates & support for 802.11b on 2.4 GHz (if you're using it), and you may want to remove support for some rates on 5 GHz too (below 12Mbps?)


You should also ensure you're not using TKIP as this will force the use of legacy data rates. 



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