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Recommended wireless AC adapter?



I have a few customers who just implemented, or are planning to implement new fancy Aruba wireless solutions to "fix" their wireless problems. They are often running some old crappy hardware with legacy network adapters, so brand new AP 3xx's probably won't fix much i tell them. So what network adapters should they get to match a new WiFi-solution? Is there any AC chipsets known in the comunity to work well with less issues? Is there any good USB-options? USB would be great for troubleshooting to be able to just eliminate the dependancy on whatever obscure network adapter the customer is currently using. It would also be a fast and cheaper option for customers unable to upgrade all clients.

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Re: Recommended wireless AC adapter?

Not a single response? It boggles me as we all know the wireless won't work well with a bad client adapter or out of date drivers.


For anyone else reading this and hoping for an answer, it might not be the best, but it seems a better bet then just buying anything at random.


A coworker recommended me the Netgear A6210 USB-adapter, it had some issues with the Win 10 Anivarsery update, there is a work-around for that, and hopefully it has been resolved in a newer driver since and not longer needed.

Other than that it seems to be a solid and not to expensive little AC-capable Wifi-adapter.


Re: Recommended wireless AC adapter?

I have an ASUS USB-AC56 which seems to do the job reasonably well.

For internal adapters, depending on the form factor, one of the Intel 726x ones should be fine.

Note, though, some of the cheaper laptops shipped with only a 1x1 card so you'd need to check if there was a second antenna there before putting in a 2x2 card.

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