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Redirection issue through clearpass

Hey everyone!


So im troubleshooting why my guest SSID will not automatically redirect when it is selected through the wifi options by the user, i have replicated the issue.


I try to force a redirect a by typing a website, i use google.com.  This error pops up



when i try to force a redirect using the IP address, the browser redirects correctly my landing page



My 2 questions are:

1. How do i enable clearpass to force a redirect to a landing page?

2. Whats the deal with google.com throwing me that error while does not?

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Re: Redirection issue through clearpass

This is expected behavior. HTTPS is working properly and correctly detecting a 'man-in-the-middle' attack.


You cannot redirect guest traffic on google.com. Google uses HSTS and is HTTPS only, which results in that you cannot redirect that traffic.


Check this article for more background information on this topic.

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