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Regulatory domain question

I am planning to deploy Aruba RAP's to our small offices all over the world. (not including Israel)  The RAP's need to VPN over the Internet to controllers in our datacenters in the US.


I am thinking that at a minimum (ignoring redundancy design) I will need 1 US region controller and 1 Rest of World controller in our US Datacenter.


Is this correct, any issues with purchasing or installing a Rest of World controller in the US


Could I have a US M3 module and a Rest of World M3 module in a single 6000 chassis instead of two separate controllers ?



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Re: Regulatory domain question

A RAP in the US has to connect to a controller physically located in the US.  A RAP in the RoW must connect to a controller installed somewhere other than the US, so you can't use your US datacenter for RoW controllers.


Israel is the other domain, but you specifically excluded it.

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Re: Regulatory domain question

Thanks for the quick reply.


This poses me somewhat of a problem as the US is the only location with Internet and is where the data resides that the branch office need access to.


Is there a way around this other than putting in Internet ingress points in a location not in the US ?


Is this restriction an Aruba thing or is it related to particular legal legislation that restricts this connection ?


I assume that if I did deploy a RoW controller to my US Datacenter and connected a RoW RAP to it, it would still work ?



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Re: Regulatory domain question

There's no way around it.  RoW APs have to connect to RoW controllers and those cannot be located in the US.


The issue is related to regulatory issues and not within Aruba's control (AFAIK).

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