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Remote AP And LSM

It is possible to configure a LMS ip address to the RAPS?


For example let say i got a central site with 2 internet connection.


I would like to put the principal ip address and also the backup one which will be the other internet conection


It seems to work but when i reboot the Remote AP it doesnt goes up....

This configuration is not saved in the RAP if its rebooted?


IS the only way of doing this is by putting a DNS name?  and setting one ip address as the primary when that does not respond then it will propagete the new ip address?




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Re: Remote AP And LSM

I think maybe what you are after is on p212/213 of the 6.1 User Guide, DNS Setting and Backup Controller List. Looks like it is configured by LMS and BLMS via using DNS with multiple IP's configured. 


*I think* :smileyhappy:

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Re: Remote AP And LSM

If you create an AP System Profile and populate the LMS IP and Backup LMS IP fields, does this not work ?

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