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Remote AP Failover With Cisco OTV

Was curious if anyone has ever used OTV to have RAPs stay up in the event of an outage on the A-side controller.  All of our RAPs terminate on one master 7210 controller, however the AP system profile is setup with a backup LMS IP in the event the A-side goes down. At that time all RAPs fail over to a B-side 7210 controller in a geographically-different location.  The A-side local subnet is a 10.2.188.x /24....the B-side local subnet is a 10.0.188.x /24.

Utilizing OTV we want to have 10.2.188.x /24 exist in both places so clients/printers keep the same IP regardless of what controller they're on.  There's a lot of configuration and testing ahead, but I'm curious if anyone has ever attempted this, and if so, how it go?

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