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Remote AP in private network - Captive portal



I have a specific situation. My customer wants to use a Captive portal on guest network with split tunnell mode. That is not the problem.

Problem is that all APs are connected through L3 private network but every location has also its own Internet access for guest users.

So, my problem is when a guest accept the rules on captive portal, he is src nat-ed on outside address of AP and default route for that network is through a L3 private network to central location. Can I somehow configure a trunk port on AP, so when the guest access guest ssid, he gets an ip address of controller and he is redirected to captive portal but when he accept the policy on portal, can he be redirected to another vlan and get an ip address of router on the remote location with a default route to vendor WAN gw?

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Re: Remote AP in private network - Captive portal

Unfortunately, split tunneled clients can only source nat out of the ip address of the access point.  If the default gateway of the access point goes out to the local internet, that would accomplish your goal.

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