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Remote AP ssh tunnel for LTE modem access

This question might be a bit complex.  


I have a few remote sites that use Remote APs and each site has a LTE modem.  These modems can be managed from the LAN interface on 192.168.1.x however since the Remote AP connected to these modems is creating a tunnel back, the AP doesn't have access to the admin interface of the modem.  Also, my service provider is using private IP on the WAN side so I can't access the modems that way either.


Behind the Remote AP I have a raspberry pi that I can access via SSH as it has an IP on my network extended out to it over the tunnel, so here is what I was thinking I could do:


- SSH to the remote raspberry pi and setup a port forward

- Use that SSH tunnel to access the admin interface of the LTE modem


My issue here is I'm just not sure how to write a ACL to allow me to do this... is it even possible?




- Zachary

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Re: Remote AP ssh tunnel for LTE modem access

If the network your raspberry Pi is connected to (wired or wireless) has split tunneling enabled and you can reach the Pi from your infrastructure, you can then try to SSH into your Pi and then do something from there.

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