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Remote AP with cluster

Hey guys,

maybe you can help me with a RAP quest:



  • Customer has a MM and local hardware controller
  • we're currently migrating existing 6.5 installations to MM
  • All devices Running on AOS
  • ~ 25 sites, each with 1 or 2 controller, about half of the sites have been migrated
  • If 2 controller onsite, they form a cluster


My Problem with RAP setup:

  • when using a single controller managed by MM the RAP works fine
  • When using a cluster, I'm not able to get a RAP running, but CAPs are working
  • Controllers are 7205
  • It's even not working when connecting the AP from local LAN without any firewall pointing to the controller's physical IP
  • Public IP has been setup in Cluster profile, RAP is connecting using onboard certificate
  • Controller can ping the AP
  • sho log security shows error messages with ERR_IKESA_EXPIRED


I'm lucky for any help, thanks a lot in advance :-)


Best regards


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Re: Remote AP with cluster

Hi jones,


Not sure, if you already found a solution but I think the problem might be, that the RAP is not able to get an inner IP address from the cluster as the config for this is different than in earlier versions of AOS. 


Here is a link where I describe the setup with a cluster. Maybe this will help you:




The first part of the Cluster paragraph is important. The setup of the "Controller Cluster RAP Pool" in the MM config mode. 

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Re: Remote AP with cluster

Hello Florian,
thanks for your reply, as of now the customer checks their firewall with another supplier since we found no connection ca be established at all

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards,
Johannes Haberstroh

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Re: Remote AP with cluster

Hello Florian,

just an update: It is working now, was a firewall setting and a wrong external IP.

BTW: I used knew your link, that was quite useful :-)

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