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Hello there! yet once agian! hehe


We are quoting a client  a solution for wireless on a remote site which he has a small warehouse. and also got a remote site in another state of this country for 5 users. in a small office.


Situation right now:


1-Right now he has in the small office a site to site VPN  with a small firewall on the remote site and well that pointing to the Central site Firewall(they are about to change it as that model will be out of support soon

2-The Warehouse is new he has nothing there yet.


His initial plan was

1-Buying a new firewall for the Remote Site

2-Buying another firewall for the Small Warehouse.

3-Buying a wireless solution for the small Warehouse.  Maybe an instant Cluster


In the future he will like to expand the wireless to the central site, for users and replace the old APS he has there, and add more APS for his mini warehouse he has on the central site.


His priority now is the SMall warehouse


He is a bit low on budget


My idea is maybe going this way

1-Small Cluster of 6 APS on the Remote Small Warehouse

2-Getting a Controller a 620 for the Central Site.

3-RAP 5 on the warehouse(there will be like 10-15 devices maybe?  Iwill have the cluster of IAP going through the Tunnel the RAP5 creates.(rap5 is cheaper than the firewall he was thinking to buy plus the Annual fee of the rap 5 is a WAY cheap.

4-Rap2 on the small office of 4 users.  Which is a way more cheap than the firewall he was thinking in buying and of course he will not have to pay the annual fee which with the rap2 the annual fee of the support is a way way too cheap...

5-VIA  vpn client also will help him  to reduce cost as he can stop paying for a webpage he needed to buy a certificate per year... as all the sales man would be able to connect to the central site through the VPN client and he likes the idea that the user do not need to do nothing more than putting his AD credential just once...

HE also likes the idea of the simplicity of it.


Thats for now.


In the future when he actually has the budget to get APS on the central SITE he will have already the 620 Wiaitin for it.(7 APS is more than enought for the entire buildling)

HE will have to buy another 620 for the small warehouse.  I mean if he want to centralize the Wireless solution,  The central site will be the master in this case...


My design is a bit hgher in cost but he will get his return of investment  less than a year... Also that the initial idea he had for it, need more time of his IT deparment as they need to give maintanience to 3 firewalls, 3 times the config..  


Anyways my question is if the design is correct designed or i need to take some other consideration im not taking? Or there is a better idea? i will take suggestions!


Also was thinking in putting a RAP3 instead a rap 5... but im still afraid of putting that 6.2 version in production as its a GA version... no patches or anything yet...  That way he will be able to convert it to a normal AP if he wants later... but im stilll thinking of it... what do you think?




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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