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Remote Office AP with Different Internet Gateway

Here is the scenario that I am faced with.  We have 2 7205 controllers and ClearPass here at the Main Campus.  I have a remote office connected via WAN/IPSEC tunnel over MPLS back to main campus.  I would like to add an AP to this remote site that connects to the controllers and ClearPass (which I know is possible) but want to route the internet traffic from this AP at the Remote Site out of its internet connection and not across the WAN and out our Main Campus connection for various reasons.


Is this possible to do in the controller via routing?


I know the AP-325 will do controller discovery via DNS which we are doing already with our Main Campus APs.  I plan to set up a new VLAN (10.x.x.x) at the remote site for the AP IP and then set up a second VLAN (172.16.x.x) for the user traffic to route.


I am trying to avoid spending $$ on a controller (7005) for the remote site but it may not be avoidable if I can't get this work.


Thanks for any insight.

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