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Remote office solutions



I have a few fundamental questions about deploying remote solutions. We've never done this before.


Running AOS on multiple 7220s in a single-master L2 mobility deployment on campus.


We are asked to provide "same as campus" wireless service to a couple of remote buildings that are beyond our campus fiber footprint. Both buildings have broadband service and a static IP was ordered for each. We purchased 7010s to deploy as "remote controllers" at these sites and plan to connect a few APs and some wired connections. Well within the specs of the box.


I'd like to use our Master at HQ as the host controller for these remote controllers. I also plan to extend centralized licensing to these 7010s (PEF-NG, AP, RF Protect).


We want to extend the same SSIDs, VAPs, client vlan pools, AAA profiles, roles, captive portal, etc. to these locations so that users truly have an "on campus" experience and access.


Reading through the branch controller section of the 6.4x User Guide it appears I need to go down the "branch controller" path, using Smart Config to configure a branch config group on the 7220 Master and "full-setup" as the provisioning mode on the remote controller (because of the static IP).


Is this the only remote design choice using 7010s? Is there an alternative to the "branch controller" design? Will this design provide all that we want? e.g. can I push our existing client vlans (which are L3 terminated on our routers at HQ), roles, VAPs, etc. out to the remote controller?


I seem to recall a long time ago that a controller could be deployed offsite and build an IPSEC tunnel back to the Master over commodity Internet and look like just another local controller in the cluster. Is that essentially what branch controller is?


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Remote office solutions

Yes , you can use the smart config option for this purpose

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Thank you

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