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Remotely Factory Default an AP

Is there any way to remotely factory default an access point (in my case an AP225)?  Can it be done from the controller?  Can it be done from a telnet session?


I have an AP which is not trivial to physically get to that I need to factory default.  It's stuck to some AOS8 controller which I no longer want this specific AP on ... and I am unable to make it move ...


Any thoughts?

Benjamin J. Higgins (’97)
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Re: Remotely Factory Default an AP

Not that I am aware of.  So you can not reprovision the AP from the controller and put it in a different AP group with a different system profile to a controller you want to move the AP to?

If not then you have to physically console into the device and purge it.

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Re: Remotely Factory Default an AP

Factory reset a single AP:

From the Master controller CLI in enable mode:

  1. Go into configuration mode: #configure terminal 
  2. Go into provisioning mode: #provision-ap 
  3. Retrieve current provisioning parameters of the AP to be (re)-provisioned (default for new AP's): #reset-bootinfo {ap-name | ip-addr | wired-mac} <variable>

Brant Highers

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