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Remove Master Controller

All, I could use a little help with how to go about removing a master controller.


I currently have a site with a master/local setup.  All of the APs are terminated on the local controller.  We are downsizing this office and need to move a controller to a new location.  Because of licensing capabilities, we essentially need to remove the existing master and make the existing local into the master.


Would someone be willing to point me in the right direction as far as the best way to accomplish this?




Re: Remove Master Controller

I believe it's about as simple as logging in to the local controller and from the main configuration page, change the controller type from local to master. Then reboot.


You should have the AP discovery ironed out so that the APs don't go looking for the old master by mistake, and should probably back everything up before-hand.


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Re: Remove Master Controller

Announce to maintenance time of 10 min.


Disconnect your master


go to your local - set it as master and reboot

assign the same IP address that was to your previous master to this controller - and reboot


That's it. :smileyhappy:


**pay attention - that if u got some interfaces/vlan - u might need to change those IP also

**pay attention - if your AP system profile using LMS/BACKUP LMS < configure it as needed.

**pay attention - if up until now u were using DNS resolving in order to find the aruba-master <edit your DNS server settings.

**pay attention - if you are using centralized licensing <> check you got all the needed licensees installed and activated on your new master (your old local )



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