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Removing LMS IP completely from AP System Profile?

I'm working with TAC on a Mac specific (Broadcom Airport Extreme specifically) issue with a 7210 and We didn't have this issue on on our old 3600 controller. I'm looking to do a bit of testing to see if the same machines drop packets on the old controller vs the new and what versions of ArubaOS make a difference. To do this, I need to move an AP from our current production controller over to the old 3600. 


I would like to move one AP currently on the 7210 (IP over to the old 3600 controller (IP 


Right now there are no IP's setup in the LMS settings of the AP System profile on the 3600. 


The production controller has it's own IP as the master LMS IP in the AP System Profile. It also has LMS Preemption enabled. 


I would like to know if simply removing the LMS IP and/or disabling LMS Preemption will 1) not reboot all my AP's and 2) will allow me to use the AP Installation provisioning function to specify the new master. 


When we had a 3600 and a 3400 in production previously, this is how I did it. Just select the AP for reprovisioning, change the master controller IP to the other controller and it shows up on the other controller after it reboots. 


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Re: Removing LMS IP completely from AP System Profile?

Making any change to the LMS-IP parameter has immediate effect on access points in that ap-group.


I would use AP installation to put an access point where you want it.  Unfortunately, if the group that the access point is part of has an LMS-IP that is different from the controller it is connected to, it will be redirected to the controller with the LMS-IP in the ap-group.  I would configure an AP-Group specifically for that access point that has no LMS-IP and put that AP in it for maximum flexibility.

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Re: Removing LMS IP completely from AP System Profile?

Love Airheads for things like this. Thanks for the help!


Worked perfectly. Now I have an AP Configuration group setup on each controller just for moving AP's between the two. 

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