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Rename ap

I feel pretty dumb at the moment, but i cant seem to get a few APs renamed properly.


The command i use is;

ap-rename wired-mac 00:0b:86:69:54:86 test


The AP reboots and comes back with 00:0b:86:69:54:86 instead of test. Logs show the command is executed succesfully. 


Help :)

Re: Rename ap

Try going into the GUI and reprovisioning the APs you want to change.  At the bottom of this page is the AP name field.

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Re: Rename ap

Renaming the ap-name with the help of wired-mac should be fine. If i am wrong you have the got the AP`s mac address from the command "show ap database long" and not the BSSID.


Can we try ap-rename "ap-name" instead of  wired-mac ?  Thanks!

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Re: Rename ap

Tried via GUI and using ap-name instead of wired-mac but no luck :)

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