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Replace 3200XM controllers

We are looking at repacing 3200XM controllers. We currently have 2 in master-standby configuration. We are planning to go over 32 APs in the near future, but not over 64. I am looking at 7030 and 7205. What would be the benefits for going to 7205 instead of 7030?

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Re: Replace 3200XM controllers

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Re: Replace 3200XM controllers

I saw this comparison. I was interested to see if there are any additional advantages in the 7205 besides the 10 Gig ports and throughput.

Can I mix them, like have a 7205 as master and 7030 as backup? Also if I join a new controller to the 3200, are the existing AP licenses transferrable, or do I need to purchase separate licenses?


Re: Replace 3200XM controllers



you can mix them - but be careful as you will want your standby to support the same number of AP's that your Master is able to support. Otherwise, you will have issues if it fails over.


Regarding licensing, you can transfer them.




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