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Replacing 3400 with 7210

I am replacing a 3400 controller ( with a new 7210. I am also replacing the AP125's that connect to the 3400 with AP305's. The 125's will not connect to the 7210 if it has the latest firmware I am told.

What I would like to do is have both controllers up and running on the same network at the same time (this will allow me to replace all the AP's over a period of a few days without down time). 

Is it possible to configure the 7210 (with a new IP of course) while the 3400 is running? They would both be Master but I believe the new AP305's would only connect to the 7210. This way I can look at both the 3400 and 7210 at the same time and configure the settings on the 7210 to be the same as the 3400. I could then also add the AP305's as I need to.

One other thing. I was lead to believe that when the licences are transfered to the 7210 from the 3400 that they still exist and work on the 3400. This is important for minimal downtime. has anyone tried this?

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Re: Replacing 3400 with 7210

I've done a similar task recently - where we over the course of 2 weeks replaced APs. 

What worked for me is this: 

- add new 7210 controller IP to aruba-master IP

- reprovision all AP125 on 3400 controller - pointing them to IP-Address of 3400 controller

- configure all SSIDs on 7210 controller and connect new APs to this one using DNS lookup.


the controllers will pick up each others APs as rogues and probably your RF would be a bit messy for the time. 


What time span do you look at for replacing APs? 

it is possible to transfer licenses to new 7210 - and they would be available on 3400 controller also, but not sure for how long. And is isn't allowed. Perhaps your Aruba partner can provide you with TRIAL licenses for 30 days for old controller? 

Also - look for trade-in prices for ol AP125s

Re: Replacing 3400 with 7210

I've attached a guide which you may also find helpful as well. Granted its slightly old but can be used as a good check list.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Replacing 3400 with 7210

I think I see what your saying Jakob. So I can just give my new 7210 the IP Address of the current 3400 (and give the 3400 a new IP Address). Then reprovision all the AP125's to find the new IP Address of 3400. 

The 7210 will have the DNS entry of aruba-master so the new AP305's will find the 7210.

I'm probably going to do everything over the course of a week so I won't have both controllers operating simultaneously for that long.

One question, when you had both controllers going did they both have the role of Master? Thanks.

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Re: Replacing 3400 with 7210

I think I'd give the 7210 a new IP-address - if there's not a lot of firewall changes. Just to keep it simple. But either way would work

But go into 3400 and reprovision all APs but enter the IP-address of 3400 controller rather than aruba-master FQDN and reboot APs. 

Then change DNS for aruba-master. 


Both controllers where master - they have no connection, other than consider the other one as rogue. 

How many APs do you have? 

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Re: Replacing 3400 with 7210

OK, I think I will keep the same IP on the 3400, and give the 7210 a new IP as well as point the DNS or aruba-master to the 7210.


I have 64 AP's...so it's not that big a deal to reprovision them to look for the IP address. Thanks.

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