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Reset Backup LMS after Backup Controller Reboot

The Google's aren't helping me today and I couldn't find anything in the user's guide, so here goes:  I have 3 controllers in an N+1 Configuration/HA+FF all dual role.  Currently the master controller (Cntl1) is the standby for the two local controllers (Cntl2 & Cntl3). Cntl1 is only hosting remote APs, everything else is load balanced between the two local controllers.  I have the LMS IP/standby LMS IP set on each group so that each AP terminates on Cntl2 or Cntl3 and Cntl1 is the standby LMS for all of them.  I had to take Cntl1 offline briefly, so all of the APs changed standby LMS such that Cntl2 is now the backup for Cntl3 and vice versa.  I need to know the easiest, least disruptive way to move the standby tunnels on all of the APs back to Cntl1.


Re: Reset Backup LMS after Backup Controller Reboot

Hi Stephanie,


Please share the HA profile configuration used on the controllers.


show ha group-profile <name of the profile>

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