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Rest of the World Controllers and UAPs

If I am looking to implement a new Rest of the World controller do I also need to ensure that the APs (assuming I'm using the 303H and 315) are RW as well?  Before the Unified AP program, I only needed to worry about that if I was working with IAPs as the regulatory domain configs for my Campus APs were controlled by the controller.  If my UAP is going to be a CAP and the controller is RW, will the AP take on the regulatory domain of the controller when they associate or do I absolutely have to order them as Rest of the World APs to start with?


Re: Rest of the World Controllers and UAPs

Functionally, there's no issue. Regardless of the regulatory version of the UAPs, the controller will define the regulatory behavior, and ignore the UAP variant.

However, when ordering equipment for a customer in (for example) the US, any -RW SKU will require going through an escalation/exception process.


Re: Rest of the World Controllers and UAPs

Thanks.  That's what I figured but I wanted to make sure.

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