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Restrict users time access

Hi all


is there a way to restrict users from accessing the wireless network after a certain time of the day


say access to network between 7 am and 3 30 pm

and disabling wireless access anytime before 7 30 am and after 3 30 pm


We only need this for certain users


Please help


Re: Restrict users time access

You could use the 'time range' function found under access control to set up periods of the day/week where access is not permitted.


You then apply the time ranges to the policies under the role(s) you would like to have control over.


Alternatively you can place a 'deny time range' on an entire SSID.   So that would, as an example, block guests from connecting after hours, or on weekends easily.

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Re: Restrict users time access

Please take a look at the time range section in chapter 6 of  "Guest access on ArubaOS" App note avaialble at http://www.arubanetworks.com/wp-content/uploads/AOS_GuestAcccess-AppNote.pdf 




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