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Rogue AP SNMP Traps/MIBs



Whenever the Aruba controoler detects a Rogue AP, it sends a SNMP trap to registered SNMP trap receiver. I have two questions:

1. Is this trap sent only once? OR repeatedly after every x mins. Say, if the trap receiver missed the first trap, will it again receive any Rogue AP detected trap?


2. Does Aruba controller sends any Rogue AP Removed snmp trap?




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Re: Rogue AP SNMP Timeout

It's been a long time since I tested this, and obviously my previous tests were now on a much older code, but...


You get one trap when the rogue is discovered.


Whenever the classification changes automatically (or manually by the administrator), you get a trap (saying it's changed).


If you manually go onto the controller and delete the rogue entry, you don't get anything.


Pretty sure that's right!

Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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Re: Rogue AP SNMP Timeout

Thanks for reply.

Say if the trap receiver misses the trap, does Aruba Controller exposes any SNMP MIB through which we can poll the controller to get the list of:


1. Active Rogue APs 

2. All the APs visible in airspace.

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Re: Rogue AP SNMP Timeout

I believe there is, although I can't claim to know what they are!


If I was to go looking for them, I'd be downloading the MIBs off the support portal, then running a controlled test with a "safe" rogue, walking the tables of a test controller (referencing into the MIBs).


Having said that, it's possible the rogue OIDs might get dynamically built like the APs ones do. I.e. When APs are added to the controllers, they dynamically build OIDs based on the AP MAC. This might give you a challenge!


At a general level, doing stuff like this on anything other than Airwave (which knows all this stuff by default and polls for it), can be a lot of effort for a moderate outcome which tends to distort the value of the exercise.



Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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