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Rogue AP's will not plot on maps

I have a customer that has requested a WIDS solution and is running  The network is up and operational with the AM's configured on each floor.


I have a small D-Link wireless router for the purpose of playing the bad guy to track with the AM's.  When I turn on my Rogue device I see it on the dashboard as a suspected rogue.  After I click on it then select Locate the pop up window shows up and gives me the two AM's that see my Rouge and the relative SnR.  However after a minute the reporting data goes away and I get a message stating "No devices found" in the pop up.


When I go to the Plan Maps to try and locate the device all I get are faint red circles that appear around the AM's that hear my Rogue.


What am I missing to get the indicators to show on the Map?





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Re: Rogue AP's will not plot on maps

After a little more poking around it seems that the AM's are having a hard time when I track it by the 5GHz radio.  When I track it by the 2.4 Ghz radio it behaves as it should.  The enviroment is office building with sheetrock construction with metal studs.  Could this tracking difficulty be because the 5 Ghz signal is getting knocked down so greatly by the enviroment?  Doesn't seem likely but...





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