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Rollback to previous version

Is there a way to roll back to a previos version of AirWave without reinstalling the whole thing? I know on the Aruba controller you can go back.

The reason I am asking, is that after to the upgarde to 7.5.x Airwave does not start. I called tech support and they said that the server could not handle the newer version. So I would like to go back to the 7.4.x series.


Re: Rollback to previous version

There's no rollback support in AirWave.  This is due to changes in the flat files maintained for graphing - improvements to these files do not allow rollback at all, other causes are updated RPM packages and database schema changes.


There's a short kb article that's attached to all upgrade announcements for this matter:



Your best bet is to reinstall and restore a pre-upgrade backup.

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Re: Rollback to previous version

hi Robin,


I am trying to upgrade my airwave server 7.4.8 with CentOS 5.5 via reading your some comment guides in this community. Does AMP version 7.6.6 support Cent OS 5.5? Then, in case if not sucess, what are the things i need to prepare to recover it.



Thanks in advance. Appreicate your quick advise.












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