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Route to ESI return traffic disappearing....

We are trying to get our guest network up and running, but from what we can see after checking firewal logs etc, we can see requests going out (via esi to our firewall), replies coming back in, but its almost as if Aruba doesnt know what to do with it when it comes back...


Our guest network exists only on the controller, which has a conneciton into the dmz, and the Route to ESI pushes traffic towards it.  We can see dns request going out on the firewall, but nothing else,, so we tried going to a website via IP, then saw the http request going on, but its like none of the return traffic is getting back to the client.  We can see on the firewall logs that traffic is heading back towards aruba, but we have no idea what happens next.  


We can only conclude that Aruba isnt then routing it back onto the cllient vlan... The clients are on different vlans to the dmz.  


Any ideas?



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Re: Route to ESI return traffic disappearing....

We need to see your esi configuration along with a network diagram. There are so many ways to misconfigure this.

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Re: Route to ESI return traffic disappearing....

That was my next task.. but I was hoping that there may be a few basic things to check first...  We do have a slightly complicated setup!  Ill see if I can get something up in the nxt day...


Things did work, but we wanted to move the guest vlans off our core and onto the controller... Traffic did used to then go out via ESI, and return on the internal interface of our firewall via the corporate network.  We never really understood why the guest network existed on our core, if it could be isolated to the controller, its a legacy setup that we are now trying to tidy up.    

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