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Runtime Error 7282

All 20 of my 205 AP's bark this message once a minute:


03-08-2017 16:55:40 Local1.Error Mar  8 16:55:40 2017 stm[1787]: <304055> <ERRS> < AC:A3:1E:C1:DD:3A> |ap| Unexpected stm (Station management) runtime error at wifi_mgmt_recv_frame, 7282, wifi_mgmt_recv_frame:7282: NULL src-mac, frame type=0, subtype=15


I can't find any reference to it in the forums, nor can I match it up to anything in Airwave.  We're on Airwave 8.2.3 and Controller is on


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Re: Runtime Error 7282

You should consider updating to the latest GA code. is very old.

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Re: Runtime Error 7282

So I should interpret 'Runtime Error 7282' to mean 'current firmware is an old, yet supported release'?  


Weird that it doesn't just come out and say that.

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