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[SAles] VAS(Value added services) for your custumers

Hello Everyone

In order to increment sales in our company for Aruba i was thinking in giving our custumers added vallues after adquiring Aruba Product with us.

My question is as custumers(as i konw there are many custumers posting here)  what added values your ArubaPartner have gave you ? or which ones you would like?

For other partners

What added values do you give to your custumers when you sell them Aruba?


I mean Free Added Values.


Im thinking on a list of free added values to propose that to my sales manager to see if he approve it. 

For now my list goes like this:


1-3 months of free support after the installation is done

2-Free 4 to 8  hours training for buying aruba products from us(ill need to check this with my sales manager to see how many free hours he would like to give them)

3-Continue free Learning by youtube Videos im doing  in how do to some stuff in the controller For example:

  • How to use Dashboard
  • How to Password recovery procedure
  • How to backup all yoru configuration and Restore it
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Connecting by console to the AP and troubleshoot
  • How to identify when you need more APS

Not that i will teach them how to use and configure everything int he controller but basic things like this....
And the list continue


Anyways please guys some opinions with this would be really valueable, what other free values i can give to our custumers? without impacting that much our postsales support income.




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Re: [SAles] VAS(Value added services) for your custumers

NightShade Shapoo! It's a gr8 idea. Our sales team keep looking for this kind of things,


You may add:

  • Visual RF config / Traning - Up to 3 hours.
  • Captive portal designing. - Each captive - getting a price tag based on client needs.
  • DHCP FINGERPRINTING - traning - up to 1 hour.
  • RAP configuration - basic deployment and configurtion options. - up to 1 hour. (For clients that basiclly using other vpn service and would like to take adavantge of awsome builtin secured feature)

And now it's late night here - but there are a lot of diffrent vas that u can sale while deploying Aruba infrastracte.





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Re: [SAles] VAS(Value added services) for your custumers

Nice i! if you got more please type them in!

Guys or ArubaEmployees all opinions are welcome!!! please contribuite to this topic :)




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Re: [SAles] VAS(Value added services) for your custumers

We do not sell Aruba directly but we manage their infrastructure for them like a managed service provider would do.


Therefore, if they buy Aruba let's say from a major ISP, the major ISP then employs us to manage the end customer's network.

We provide daily/weekly/monthly reports using Airwave, you can either charge for these reports or give them as VAS for free.


Provide free firmware upgrades for example, meaning you would execute the firmware upgrades for them "remotely".


most of the other stuff customers end up paying for but these can be "free" for example.

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Re: [SAles] VAS(Value added services) for your custumers

Free upgrades are okay with me

Thanks thats a good idea..


Im doing a list to present those to my sales manager to which ones he aprove...


Keep the ideas coming guys




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Re: [SAles] VAS(Value added services) for your custumers

So Custumers speak! which other VAS give you your Aruba PArtner which you find really good?


For now i just put a few ones for our clients:

If you got your renewals  up to date then:


  1. You get free firmware upgrades to your controllers, and switches( we see clients that does not upgrade themself for some kind of fear though) (thanks pmonardo)
  2. Free email support.(up to 2 by month)

For support plans we were thinking on pre paid hours.  just for example if support hour cost the client 100 dollars, if you buy it on a pre paid plan it doesnt cost you 200 dollars it would cost you dpeending on how many hours you buy


For exaample if you prepaid 5 hours which would cost you for exampe 500 then we would give you 8 hours instead 5. IT goes something like this.


Please if you guys on the forum can share good ideas please share them.


I bealive ArubaNetworks is a Top class brand so it need top class custumer satisfaction, and this kind of things helps i bealive.




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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